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A divorce might begin amicably between partners but quickly escalate to a contested divorce at any time before the presiding judge signs the final order. This complication of the dissolution process only requires one of the two parties to disagree on an issue. The additional legal costs and court appearances as a result of this situation makes contested divorces the most expensive type for splitting couples to engage.

The good news is that a large percentage of Kansas contested divorces settle before the final hearing. This is ideal because it avoids the judge making a decision on behalf of all involved. To minimize stress and added court costs from additional mediation and court appearances, the parties involved should have attorneys negotiate a final solution that is equitable in the eyes of the court.

Types of Kansas Contested Divorces

There are two main categories of contested divorce in the state of Kansas that couples may choose to pursue depending on their situation. One focuses on the financial aspects of the marriage and the distribution of assets and debt. The other revolves around children born from the union and issues regarding custody and support. When facing these types of dissolution situations, having a divorce attorney to represent you should be a top priority.

Contested Divorce without Children

This type may occur when one or both parties do not agree to certain conditions of the divorce agreement. Numerous reasons cause a partner to contest and drag out the divorce process longer than you would prefer. Some of those reasons include:

  • Division of assets
  • Amount and/or length of alimony
  • Distribution of debt
  • Do not want the divorce
  • Disagree with reason (fault) for the divorce

Contested Divorce with Children

Easily the most emotionally and financially draining type of separation, pursuing a divorce with children is difficult for many couples. An ex-partner is concerned about the other spouse's new partner having contact with the children, or one parent prefers their school district for the children. Some of the most typical issues found in contested divorces with children are:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Parenting time
  • Educational decisions
Whichever path your divorce takes, it's essential to keep the best interest of you and your family at heart and negotiate for a solution to avoid a judge's final decision. Consulting with a knowledgeable Kansas divorce lawyer will provide invaluable insight into how the process works, the court's attitude towards certain situations, and minimize legal costs and stress if pursuing a contested divorce.

Hire a Reputable Kansas Contested Divorce Attorney

If you are struggling with a contested divorce, it's critical you hire an attorney that has experience negotiating in highly-charged emotional circumstances. Lawyers representing clients in this area of family law should know what attitudes your county court will take regarding these issues. Having representation guarantees the best interest of you and your family is at the heart of any agreement made during this process.

At the Law Firm of Joseph T. Welsh, we understand that splitting things evenly isn't always possible and when this happens, you need a skilled negotiator to protect your parental rights and property. Joseph T. Welsh, Attorney at Law will put his many years of case experience as both a Kansas state prosecutor and defense lawyer to find the best solution for your situation. Call (620) 510-5030 or complete our contact form for a free consultation.

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