Railroad Accidents

Southwest Kansas Railroad Accident Attorney

As with any form of transportation, the potential for railroad accidents looms large. The Federal Railroad Administration reports that 2017 saw 2,800 railroad accidents, 204 of which were fatal. Southwest Kansas is no stranger to the various type of train accidents that often occur, leaving accident victims with injuries to tend to and mounting medical bills.

Southwest Kansas railroad accident lawyer Joseph T. Welsh is an experienced personal injury attorney dedicated to helping victims recover from this unfortunate situation. If you have suffered an injury due to a railroad accident, reach out to Joe to discuss the incident and learn about your legal options.

What are Common Railroad Accidents in Southwest Kansas?

Trains may only commute on designated tracks and have minimal interactions with other commuters, but that does not eliminate the chance of an accident occurring. Some of the most common types of railroad accidents include:

  • Train derailment accidents
  • Railroad crossing accidents
  • Train collision accidents
  • No collision accidents
Each type of accident has its own set of causes and potential dangers, but what remains true for them all is that you have the right to recover compensation as a personal injury accident victim.

How Do Trains Derail?

Railways are what trains depend on for a smooth and safe commute. Tracks that are regularly maintained and serviced are less likely to cause derailment accidents; however, faulty tracks are not the sole cause of derailment accidents. Other inciting factors include:

  • Engineer negligence
  • Improper switch alignment
  • Debris on railways
  • Undertrained train crews
  • Broken rails

How Do Railroad Crossing Accidents Happen?

Railroad crossings exist where train lines cut through roadways. At such intersections, lights, signals, and gates are in place to warn drivers of an oncoming train to prevent life-threatening collisions. However, defects and misconduct often result in railroad crossing accidents. Common causes include:

  • Failure to use lights when approaching a crossing
  • Failure to sound horns
  • Defective signals and gates

Train Collision Accident

Train collisions can come in the form of train-to-train collisions and train-to-car collisions. The former often comes as a result of improper switch alignment causing head-on accidents. Train-to-car accidents occur at railroad crossings when drivers aren't notified of an oncoming train and also when drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists try to beat the train before it crosses. No matter who is at fault, victims are likely to endure serious injuries.

No Collision Train Accident

Train accidents can occur without a collision between the train and a motor vehicle. Individuals have become severely injured by getting caught in train tracks when walking along the railway. In some cases, trains have struck people who failed to hear them coming along. Regardless of how the accident occurred, people are likely to suffer severe injuries or death.

Contact a Southwest Kansas Lawyer after a Railroad Accident

Railroad accidents may not occur frequently; but when they do, it is vital to have adequate legal representation. Southwest Kansas railroad accident lawyer Joseph T. Welsh is a passionate personal injury lawyer with experience representing train accident victims. Joe can analyze the facts of your accident, make you aware of the potential of your claim, and take legal action on your behalf. Contact Joseph T. Welsh, Attorney at Law today at ​(620) 510-5030 for a free case evaluation.

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