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For many families in Kansas and throughout the United States, legal matters such as divorce or custody issues after the death of a parent can create tension and frustration which can break once strong unions. These types of emotional challenges require a collaborative approach that will meet the unique needs and solutions of all parties involved.

Joseph T. Welsh, Attorney at Law prioritizes the importance of family and always looks out for the best interest of those involved when legal issues arise due to divorce or other sensitive family matters. We encourage compassion and reasonable compromise in our approach while protecting the best interest of our clients and the intended goals for their family law situation.

Family Law Extends Beyond Divorce Issues

While divorce is one of the main reasons that families seek out an attorney in this area of law, there are a variety of other issues that families may need legal counsel for. Families needing to secure guardianship of a minor child or simply wanting to modify already ordered parenting arrangements are additional issues that an experienced Kansas family lawyer can help you resolve.

Other areas of family law you might want to consult with an attorney about, include:

  • Alimony and other spousal support
  • Parenting time and child custody issues
  • Moving outside of permitted residential custody area
  • Division of property and marital debt
  • Seeking guardianship of a family member
  • Adoption requests
  • Premarital contracts
  • Paternity issues
  • Child custody and support
  • Grandparent rights
  • Child neglect and/or abuse issues
  • Protective injunctions
If you currently are facing or contemplating court action to resolve a family matter, understand the process can be complex and emotionally draining without proper representation to walk you through it. The state of Kansas has specific processes to handle many of these topics, and mistakes on paperwork or procedure can cost you time, money, and relationships. Take the time to contact an attorney specifically familiar with this area of law before going to court.

How An Experienced Family Law Attorney Can Help

Families facing transition need to understand the requirements and possible outcomes of their situation according to laws set forth by the state of Kansas. It's vital to work with a knowledgeable attorney who can ensure the decisions you make will have the best outcome for your family in the future.

Some of the ways a knowledgeable family lawyer can assist your case includes:

  • Gathering of documentation
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Point-of-contact for difficult parties
  • Educate you about your legal rights and options
  • Speak on your behalf to the court
  • Help you avoid making critical mistakes in your filing
  • Ensure your proposed solution is in compliance with Kansas law
Finding an attorney you can trust to always keep your family at the forefront of any decision is critical. Working with Joseph T. Welsh to find the best path to help resolve any family law related issues you may have on your plate is one of the best decisions you'll make during the entire process. He will always take your concerns seriously and keep you fully informed of what your options are under the law so you don't sacrifice your rights and protections.

Family Law Attorney Who Understands Your Situation

The most important factor in resolving most family law situations is the ability to work toward a mutually beneficial solution. Hiring an attorney who can help you manage your emotional self to work toward a successful negotiation outcome will ultimately benefit your loved ones in the long run and save you time and frustration in the court process.

The Joseph T. Welsh Law Firm always works to protect your parental rights and property by using firm negotiation and representation methods on your behalf. Attorney Joe Welsh wishes your case to have a successful outcome and not make all your efforts to find a solution be in vain. Mr. Welsh possesses extensive arbitration and mediation experience as a former U.S. District Attorney for the District of Kansas and will put this to work for your case right away.

Contact his office today at (620) 510-5030 for a free consultation to assess your current family matter and learn about the next steps to take in order to get the resolution you need.

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