10 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits

Driving a car is already dangerous. Despite public statistics on accidents and strict laws in most states, some drivers still choose to make the roadways hazardous by driving while they are distracted. Distracted driving car accidents can cause debilitating injuries that are difficult and expensive to treat. For the driver causing the crash, it will be a devastating financial blow. For the victim, they may have to suffer their entire lives because one driver couldn’t keep their eyes on the road.

A motorist that causes an accident will face fines and points on their license, at best. If the victim has physical traumas, the distracted driver may even get jail time. The best way to avoid the consequences of a distracted driving accident is to avoid all distractions while driving and to practice driving defensively.

Distracted Drivers in Kansas

To make sure that you don’t put someone else’s life at risk, here are the ten most dangerous distracted driving habits you should avoid:

  1. Smoking
  2. Talking or texting on your cell phone
  3. Adjusting controls/playing with music
  4. Eating and drinking behind the wheel
  5. Talking to passengers/playing games
  6. Reaching for objects
  7. Applying makeup/grooming
  8. Daydreaming or getting lost in thoughts
  9. Outside events, passing by distractions
  10. Entertaining/scolding children in the back

These are simple, everyday situations. Anyone is tempted to look back when they’re in the car along with their children or may answer a quick phone call from a loved one to tell them they’re on their way home. These moments may prove to be disastrous in the long run. According to government data, distracted driving causes 25 percent of all road accidents.

What to do After an Accident with a Distracted Driver

If you or someone you know is suffering because of an accident with a distracted driver, they may be entitled to compensation. Insurance companies cover most minor injuries and accidents without a problem. Make sure to get medical help after a crash. Even if you don’t feel you are seriously hurt, a doctor can make sure. They’ll also document the incident so that you have the correct paperwork to file with your insurer.

If you’re not severely injured, it is up to you to collect evidence at the scene of a car accident. Take pictures, write down names and contact information for any witnesses, and even note which police officers came on the scene. Any details you notice only serve to help you should any legal issues arise.

Dedicated Kansas Personal Injury Lawyers

An accident attorney will help you in a stressful situation by tackling all of the legal jargon and working on your behalf to secure the funds you need to heal after a collision. Joseph T. Welsh, Attorney at Law has 20 years of experience successfully helping clients after distracted driving incidents. Call us at 620-510-5030 or complete our contact form. The state only gives you so much time to take legal recourse, so it’s vital to reach out as soon as possible.