6 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Many people feel like they can handle the paperwork for divorce proceedings on their own. It is, of course, possible to file divorce documents without the help of an attorney or legal counsel. Although the most common reason individuals attempt a DIY divorce is to save time and money, it might cost more in the long-run than hiring a competent attorney.

Truthfully, if you had a short marriage, no children, and no assets, then a court might grant you an amicable and straightforward divorce where both parties agree. On the other hand, if you have children, property, or made a significant amount of money throughout the marriage, you may have a lot to lose without the help of an attorney. Consider the following reasons to hire a knowledgeable divorce lawyer in Kansas.

1. Unfamiliarity with the Process

A judge is going to expect the same presentation from you that they expect from a lawyer when you represent yourself in court. The judge is not likely to be sympathetic if you are unaware of the law, disorganized, or lack the required divorce documents. A divorce lawyer has valuable insight and experience that will facilitate the process and ensure you get the most beneficial results possible.

2. Divorce is an Emotional time

Everybody who goes through divorce experiences a wide range of emotions which may negatively impact the ability to make rational decisions. Your emotions may hurt your judgment and cause you to make irrational decisions that will affect you long after you have overcome these feelings. An attorney provides neutral and honest insight into your divorce so that you can be guided toward the best decisions for your situation.

3. Lawyers are Objective

A family law attorney will be objective and introduce you to professionals who can assist you in channeling your emotions into strategies that are positive. Divorce lawyers will tell you when you are not being reasonable and are asking for the impossible. They will help you compromise with your spouse and make every attempt to reduce the number of contested issues. Your lawyer will act to keep things civil between both parties and help you to avoid self-sabotage.

4. Lawyers Provide Options

Without having done this before, you may unknowingly set yourself up for failure. The judge could reject the divorce terms that you come up with on your own, forcing you to do double the work and extend the process. A divorce lawyer can come up with a variety of resolutions to the top contested issues that you and your spouse may have never even considered. It is also likely that your Kansas divorce lawyer has experience working with the particular judge overseeing your case, meaning he or she would know to which terms the judge will be more receptive.

5. Paperwork

Divorce lawyers know the paperwork requirements for cases and how to fill it out correctly. They know when certain documents need to be submitted to the court and what language should be used. You do not want to accidentally provide incorrect or missing information that allows the other side to accuse you of attempting to hide information, which will damage your credibility and case. Plus, legal jargon gets complicated. If there’s a mistake on the forms you fill out, it can set back the entire process and hurt your case

6. Larger Picture

You might be tempted to focus on every detail while arguing over everything. A lawyer will tell you which battles are the most important to prevent wasting time and resources. You will end up something that you can both agree on and live with comfortably.

Finding a Kansas Divorce Lawyer

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